What I think of Halloween Parties in Pakistan

It’s October and this is the month when the Bogeyman comes ever so close from hiding under your bed to grabbing your hand when it falls to the side. OR people get out of their homes and go to wierd parties wearing wierd masks and putting on wierd makeup that make them look all wierd (is it wierd to write so much wierd in a single sentence? =P).

Prior to this year, I wasn’t really aware of Halloween Parties being held in Pakistan as I’m a natural introvert so that was expected. But, when I did come to know of it about a week or so ago I didn’t find it fun. I mean sure taking your girl to a party looking like a zombie surely sounds fun BUT this is Pakistan we’re talking about. In an american society, that IS cool but c’mon people why do we keep losing our identities? Trick-or-treating is a really cool concept and something I’d like to do too but going to the parties really late at night, getting drunk and then do whatnot. And when teens see adults or celebrities do it they get into the natural tendency to get in on the act too. I mean just recently I saw a college celebrating it too and boy did it get wild. Teens dancing, smoking, getting all hot and bothered (which tends to happen with teens having raging harmones). You see, I don’t blame them. I mean I don’t blame the kids. Teens are only going to do what they think is cool and our media does exactly that.

Pakistan isn’t just a third-world country. No, it’s a really bad and off-centered-from-its-goals third-world country. Our economy has been staggering for a decade now with no real improvements in sight. Only about 0.65% of Pakistan’s population goes to universities and pass out. (this is of course a very bad estimation as it does not take into account the eligible age-groups). But still, people take the time out to do this. C’mon guys just because you have the resources to spend on these outings doesn’t mean you HAVE to. And how many events do we have of these celebrities and media of holding Salat-related discussions and awaring the younger crowd of its importance? Not many I reckon. To be a country that excels to prosper we must not forget our roots. The very foundations our ancestors built are crumbling apart in our minds. We all can elaborate Islamic teachings and bend them just right for them to fit into our explanation whereas the truth of the matter is that whatever we think Islam isn’t this. It isn’t dancing to loud pop music, drinking, insulting, forgetting, wasting away the night and finally fainting to sleep out of exhaustion just before Fajir.

So, what my rant here wants to say is that if you feel like going to these parties then go ahead and have a good time but be reasonable and responsible by not making it look cool. Do not attract the teens in on this lest they hold parties of their own. Since this is my blog and I don’t care what other people think, I’ll just go ahead and say that I despise such parties and would never go to one under usual circumstances. We can’t lose ourselves, our identities not when we need islam the most.