Is it just me or does everybody hate routine?

These days, I’ve been waking up at about 8 in the morning, stretching for a bit then after spending about 30 minutes using my toiletries I get on my computer and watch a movie or just chill out on YouTube and that’s pretty much how I’ve been spending my mornings for the past couple of weeks. You see, I really don’t like following a routine. Maybe it’s just that I’m not a very disciplined person but routine feels like sort of a chore that you have to do forever.

I like to think myself as a very adventurous person and so the allure of getting up everyday and going for exploration is just tremendous. Waking up each day not knowing how the day will wind up and where I’ll arrive at the end of the day is just a pure delight in my book. The thing is techonology has definitely changed our way of living but the basic blocks of living still haven’t change. We can still take risks like our ancestors. It’s just that the rules have changed but the game hasn’t. Our ancestors used to hunt for food, we do too kinda but they had the element of surprise. We get out of our bed knowing exactly what to do or expect each day (assuming it’s a regular 9-5 job). And that I think is what puts me off. If you’ve a good and happy life then sure as hell you’ll love routine but if your present circumstances look bleak, chances are following a routine will make you think that living miserably’s your fate.

But I guess we’re not living towards our full potential. We hate change and I can understand if that’s an ancestral trait as back then our ancestors had to adapt to every change and that usually took a lot of time and effort so I guess it’s just a natural resistance on our part. I really think if we’re doing something that we don’t love, that doesn’t burn our hearts with passion, that doesn’t make us love and be grateful for everyday then we’re doing it wrong. And I guess I’m part of the crowd and that’s the reason why I hate routine otherwise routine I believe, can be wonderful thing. Well so what’s the conclusion of this rant? Routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We have to change things around, take risks and endeavour to get that rush of endomorphine that was so common a few ages ago.

Routine hasn’t made our life boring, lack of change has.