Managing between university and work - Part I

So, a month ago I started my university for which I’d been excited since my second-year exams. And let me tell you: it’s really fun and I enjoy a lot! But, there’s an issue: I work full time and it’s getting really hard to manage both work and my studies. And the best part is that it’s been only 4 weeks that I started there and I’m already burning out. And truth be told, that’s no surprise considering the fact that only 25% of university students work full-time.

75% of University Students:

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25% of University Students (incl. me!):

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A couple weeks ago, I was browsing through reddit looking for students who work full-time to find out how they manage. And a few responses I read weren’t really helpful. The thing is working full time and going to university is taking to much on your plate. The day only has 24 hours and you’re NOT a machine. Currently, I don’t think there IS a way to equally manage all the four aspects as listed in the square. Because it’s not like that you’re only going to university for a limited amount of time and that you won’t be carrying over your stuff from that part to your work life. Things will always overlap. Hours in a day are finite but the things piling up don’t seem that way. Well enough, whininh for one post. Let’s analyze if there’s a way we can manage this somehow despite my initial analysis:

24 hours in a day

Divide this by 4, we get 6 hrs. per square corner

8 hours go towards my job, so now we’re left with only 16 hours per day

Assign 6 hours to sleep (which still isn’t enough by the way)

3 out of 5 days, the university requires 7-8 hours so subtracting those hours, we get:

around 2 hours for socialising and working on my grades

Now, tell me how do I do this? Well technically, if I crunch the numbers enough I should be able to manage it but again technically is the keyword here. Not gonna happen, I’m a human: I have my breakpoints, I have feelings, I get tired and that’s perfectly normal. Even if I do manage 6 hours of sleep (which btw I currently don’t), my mental capacity will deprive and by quite a lot, mind you! Here’s a little excerpt from James Clear’s blog: If you get 6 hours of sleep per night for two weeks straight, your mental and physical performance declines to the same level as if you had stayed awake for 48 hours straight. Not sleeping 8 hours is a cumulative debt, it may not seem like it costs a lot until much later when you realize how adverse its effects were. And don’t get your hopes up ‘cause recovering sleep on the weekends doesn’t help much in cognitive performance either.

So, I guess this kinda just proves how balancing the “squares” is not really logical. Of course, if you tip the balance to one side at a time, that may get some productivity going for you. Like, you can focus on that super-important assignment due next week while not giving much thought to socialising or your work performance. The following week when the assignment is finished, you can catch up to your work while reasonably ignoring university homeworks. Social life’s a bit hard to ignore ‘cause that way you’re only gonna come up as rude/arrogant but if handled carefully it can be dealt with. So I guess the only corner of the square that cannot be compromised is the “sleep” corner. You know it’s really ironic of me to talk about sleep at 3 in the morning while ignoring it ;) Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

This is a blog series where I explore the best ways to manage uni/work life. I’m a noob at this since I only started my studies a month ago. So, as I get better at managing stuff so will this blog series. This was part one. The second part should be coming sometimes after I finish my mid-exams.