Lessons learned from working in a group

A couple days ago, I had my first ever presentation in the university. I understand that it’s no big deal but it definitely counts towards a experience. Though, I must say the format of the presentation was definitely an odd one. The members of the group were supposed to work together to chart the presentation but were not judged by their mutual performance. I mean, isn’t that wierd?

Anyways, so our group consisted of 5 members including me! Our topic was something that none of us was familiar with. Regardless, we planned to meet the following day and discuss the topic after we had researched it, of course. So, we meet up and decide the division of topic into sub-topics. Afterwards long story short, only me and another member collaborated on the presentation. The rest did their own thing. Now, let me be clear it’s not because we didn’t want to work as a team but it’s just because of the wierd format of presentation that semi-forced us into a group.

Well, one thing that I definitely learned from this experience was that there’s 9-1 odds that people you’re working in a group with will be miles different from you. How you respond to this defines what you’ve learned through the years. Difference between thoughts/actions & morals are what makes all of us original/unique. If everyone think the same then the world could be a boring place. Diversity is what makes us alive.

Needless to say, it was a fun experience. And as for the presentation itself, it didn’t go so well. The teacher found bugs in presentations that I thought were very good. And me? The remarks that I got were embarrassing to say the least: That I had a “fake accent”, that I copied the american’s english, that I paced too much. I won’t be arguing about these points but it’s just that I feel if I’m speaking another nation’s language that I should try the native accent. Truth be told, I didn’t even try an accent. After working in sales for more than 2 years that’s the accent you get. And I’m quite happy with it so there’s no changing that. What can I say, I guess I’m too stubborn to change ;)


Did you have fun preparing for the presentation?

Well sort of. Rehearsing was quite fun but preparing and helping with the chart was definitely not enjoyable

Was there any conflict in the group?

Not a lot. Just a little bit of frustration here and there

Would you want to do it again with the same group?

Well, most of the members in my group were quite helpful and cool so yeah, sure! Though, I wouldn’t mind trying with other people as well!

Anything you’d wish had turned out differently?

No, not really. It was really fun! And besides I’m an anti-regret sort of person =D