Year In Review: 2017

An year goes by and so does a chapter out of my life book. A chapter that shook me to my core, one that made me question who I am and what I stand for, that made me doubt the blind trust I had on people, that made me cynical. 2017 is by far the most dramatic chapter of my life.

To be really honest, I have a strong opinion against declaring a particular year as “the worst year of my life”. As I firmly believe that time can neither be good nor bad. Time is objective and impersonal. That’s why Allah swears by time. Time is mysterious and unique in its nature but so is every humanbeing in one way or another. Hence they’re both connected: Humans and the time they live their lives in.

Every chapter marks a dramatic shift in my personality. As long as my lifebook still has chapters in it, characters will change; new people will replace old and I’ll keep changing.

Why I think 2017 was so thrilling

This year marks my adulthood. I finally turned 18. But I don’t really feel all that mature. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been handling responsibilities for so long that I grew up way before time? I’m not sure. Starting off, 2017 was quite an ordinary year. But the events following the first three months completely changed my outlook to life as you’ll see in the events section of this post. So much has happened since the first tragedy of 2017 (discussed below) and I can finally say. To you 2017: Goodbye and Good Riddance!


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I won’t be getting into details of these events though I’d definitely say Ali’s death broke me down and crippled me form inside. When you’re so close to someone and they just disappear, that’s when you feel how empty and sad the world really is. Which leads to the question: What makes the world fun and colorful anyway? I think it’s the people you love and hold so dearly.

Ending 2017 with hope for a better tomorrow

I’ve so many goals for 2018. Honestly though, I’m not sure I’ll make it through all of them. But, hope is a very powerful element of life, I believe. My New Year’s Resolution is to stay optimistic and beat Resistance!