Recent Public Tragedies in Pakistan

“Where do we stand?” That question is what’s been on my mind for the last few days. Where do we stand? As a nation? As one people? As muslims? And finally as humanbeings?

This question was provoked by recent public events that took place in Karachi and Kasur.

Lets start by discussing the following events:

Intezar Ahmed

What Happened

A 19 year old killed by the Anti Car Lifting Cell while going outing with a girl. According to the girl, civil-clothed people gathered and peeped inside the card, declared “This is the one” and opened fire on him. Excerpt from Geo News: Kayani (the girl with Intezar) said she ducked when the firing started but Intezar did not respond when she called him out. After the gunshots stopped, she picked up her phone and left the site as she was struck by panic, the girl said. Eight police persons were issued physical remand by the court who allegedly opened fire.

What should’ve happened

Now, I’m no detective nor a lawmaker but just a teenager with some common sense. I’m not sure who the police were looking for when they gathered around Intezar’s car but whatever it was, it could have been handled much more elegantly. You can’t just open fire on a person with no firearms. Why is our police so freaking agressive? I’ve seen Sindh Police too, ya know. They’re not very good at their jobs then why the hell did they decide to take action on an innocent person? Maybe I’m missing the big picture but that’s upto the courts and the agencies to shed light on it. Based on the current information, I’d say common sense isn’t very common in our police department.

Zainab Ansari

What Happened

An 8 year old kidnapped, raped, killed and lastly tossed in the garbage in Kasur. CCTV cameras caught the suspect’s face while taking the girl with him. At the time of writing, it’s been more than two weeks since this tragedy happened. One wouldn’t be thought of as dumb for believing that Zainab’s rapist would’ve been caught by now. But hey, this is Pakistan we’re talking about. After the girl went missing, the relatives of the girl reported for FIR. A few days later, the police found her innocent body from the dump and whilst returning it to the parents they asked for a reward of Rs. 10,000 for bringing the body.

What should’ve happened

To this I can only utter one thing “Just WTF??” Seriously? So, it seems Punjab police is even worse than Sindh’s. Are these idiots suffering from some sort of brain damage? If one could only imagine what that child would’ve gone through when being held kidnapped, his whole day would be ruined. Do our police lack humanity? Since, the police was a bit too late and the deed was done so when they found the body, they should’ve returned the body with respect and sorrow. What more can I say to this idiocy.

Naqeebullah Mehsud

What Happened

A 27 year old aspiring male model was abducted and killed by the Sindh Police. Police accused him of being a member of the “Pakistan Taliban” and murdered him. Excerpt from AlJazeera: “Some men in plainclothes came and abducted him from a restaurant in Karachi on January 3 [10 days before police said he was killed],” said Alamgir Mehsud, Naqeebullah’s cousin. “Then on January 16, we were told that he had been killed by police. We got his body back the next day.”

What should’ve happened

So-called “encounter killings” are common in Pakistan. Rights groups say when police lack enough evidence for a court conviction, they extrajudicially kill suspects. So, it seems they abducted him and kept him for 10 days. So why not just present the poor guy for a trial? What is with these guys? Let the court decide if he’s a terrorist or not.


After reading these events, is there anyone who could claim Pakistan to be an Islamic state? I know I can’t. Killing, murdering, raping, torturing, spreading injustice, prejudice and hatred: When has Islam ever encouraged such acts? These don’t even confine to the borders of humanity. Why do keep sinking in to the dark hole of ignorance? Is this how Allah ordained us to live our lives? Truth be told, I’m not that hopeful for our future. We’ve been stumbling and falling since our Inception and I think the trend’s only gonna continue. Not the 2018 I had in mind. =/