The War of Art

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This is one of the very few non-fiction books that Pressfield has written. Steven is a one of the very few writers who has the power to mold your views. This book has had the greatest impact that I’m sure no other self-help books can match. It doesn’t repeat itself with the same advice that other books in the same genre usually do. This is literally one of those books that have the potential to change one’s life.

This book essentially consists of three parts:

  1. Resistance - Defining the enemy
  2. Combating Resistance - Turning pro
  3. Beyong Resistance - The higher realm

The first part defines the purpose of the book: To make you into a warrior It opens our eyes to the invisible but not invincible enemy among us all. One that plagues us all until we realize its existence and decide to combat it: which is essentially what the second part is all about.

The second part teaches us the techniques and methods to learn in our war with Resistance. The third part seemed to me to be somewhat vague, it discusses of various dreams and mystical beings that inhibit a plane higher than the one we live in. I guess the third part only encourages you to do the work and assures you that you will not be alone in your endeavors.

This book really captures the essence of life. it touches on quite a few philosophical topics. One daring statement that this book makes is that you can’t be whatever you want. You were born with a purpose and you need to achieve that. And I believe it to be quite true. Steven makes a good point: Since day one, when a child first appears in this world he has a unique and distinct soul and personality that you can’t mold however hard you try. So, we’re all born with a higher purpose. If you don’t do your work then you’re not achieving your purpose.

This books nudges you to take action and grind hard towards what you believe in. It asks that you discard other people’s opinion over your own beliefs. Pressfield prepares us to fight against Resistance. There are people who’d have gone through their entire life without realizing this great war. When you don’t know if the enemy exists, you’re bound to lose.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5 stars